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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do we do with Lost Property left in Cabs?

Drivers are required to check Cab for property left behind and either deliver it to the owner or if that is not known to the nearest Police Station within 24 hours.

If you leave something in a taxi, please try and remember what cab number and/or the driver’s name (as shown on the id card which all taxi drivers are required to display in clear view of the passenger).

Better still always ask for receipt which have the details of the Taxi and Driver.

Q. Can I order a taxi van to help me move flat?

No, a taxi van cannot help you move flat.

Q. When is a Taxi Operator or a Driver legally allowed to start the Taximeter?

Strictly speaking a Taxi Meter is not allowed to be started until you acknowledge the Operator Or Driver that you require or called for the service. This can be done by a wave of the hand which gives the Taxi Operator or Driver the acknowledgement to start the Taximeter. Customers should be aware that the Taximeter should not be in operation until the acknowledgement is given.

Q. Why are taxi vans so hard to get on Friday/Saturday nights?

We only have a few taxi vans, most of which do double duty as total mobility (wheelchair) vehicles. If you feel you really must have a van, please ring and arrange it well before it is required, preferably at least 24 hours in advance.

Q. Why is my pre-ordered taxi late?

Pre-ordering a taxi gives you priority, and we endeavour to get your cab to you at the required time, but sometimes events beyond our control or the drivers control can cause your taxi to be late.

Q. How do you obtain a Licence To Drive a Taxi?

You need to obtain a P Endorsed Licence. There are specific requirements such as you need to be a minimum of 21 years old and have held a full driver’s licence for a minimum of two (2) years.

You need to obtain a Area Knowledge Certificate.

You need to complete the Tauranga Mount Training Course

For more information visit the NZ Transport Agency website.

Q. Can I apply for Taxi Driver Employment with Tauranga Mount Taxis?

The shareholder owners employ drivers, to check if there are any vacancies contact jacqui

Q. How do I notify Tauranga Mount Taxis of a Complaint?

Taxi companies are legally required to note any complaints from customers and Tauranga Mount Taxis welcome your complaint so that we can deal with it in the appropriate manner. Please fill in the required complaint form and can be faxed to 07 578 6085 or posted to PO Box 1417 Tauranga 31438. A reply will be made in due course and you may be contacted for further information.

Q. Who is the compliance authority for the Taxi Industry in New Zealand?

The Taxi Industry is administered largely by NZ Transport Agency. The role they have is compliance with the Transport Acts with emphasis on “public safety” vehicle standards and Licensing requirements.

Q. What is a Tax Fare Schedule?

These display exactly what the Taxi company charges for its services. They are located on the outside doors of the taxi vehicle and inside on either the dash or door interior.

Q. What does Flagfall mean written on the Fare Schedule?

This is the amount displayed on the Taximeter when the Driver starts the meter at the start of the journey.

Q. What is the Kilometre Rate written on the Fare Schedule?

The charge per km travelled while hired.

Q. What Is Waiting Time written on the Fare Schedule?

The charge per minute when the vehicle is stationary for any reason during the trip.

Q. Can I Request A Specific Driver?

You can request a male or female driver only.

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